How to Buy Domains in Ghana with Mobile Money

A domain name can be explained simply as a user-friendly naming system that allows people to easily navigate web servers and web pages. To begin you first need to check your domain availability or during the process, you will be to see its availability too. 


  1. Click this link to start a domain search >> Click me
  2. Enter the domain in the search field (Find your new domain name).
  3. Click on Add to Cart or Add to add the domain to the cart. You can add the other available extensions if you want to.
  4. After it is successfully added, Click on Checkout
  5. Enable all free addons (DNS ManagementEmail Forwarding, and ID Protection). We also recommend you enable ID Protection for your domain. ID Protection protects your personal details from spammers. All addons are FREE! and Click Continue
  6. If you want to use custom nameservers then enter them below. By default, new domains will use our nameservers (i.e ns1 and for hosting on our network. Nameservers can be changed from your Client-Area after the domain name is registered. Click Continue.
  7. A summary of your order. Click Checkout to continue.
  8. Enter your details if want to sign up and log in if you have already had an account with us. If you are signing up, Enter a secure password
  9. Choose MTN-VODAFONE-AIRTEL MOMO as your payment method
  10. Click on Pay Now after your invoice has been generated.
  11. Enter your MoMo number and follow the onscreen prompts. (the OTP code will be sent to you)
  12. You will receive an email after your domain has been registered successfully, which is usually within minutes.
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